The new Inspector General of Police, Dr. Akufo Damapare has no doubt brought a brighter light to the Ghana Police Service. Indeed, where competence exists, even the devil applauds. For the few months that he has assumed the role of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), we have seen drastic improvement in police operations and have commended the new IGP for bringing professionalism, competence, and effectiveness to the Ghana Police Service. This is in sharp contrast to earlier reports of wide spread unprofessionalism and lack of trust in the service. The loss of trust in the Ghana Police Service before the coming into office of Dr. Dampare is now a thing of the past as the new IGP has demonstrated beyond doubt that there is no room for favouritism in the application of the law.

Ghana has good and beautiful laws but for a long time now, the ‘Dampare effect’ has been the only thing missing. The ‘Dampare effect’ means professionalism, competence, effectiveness, and commitment to duty at the level of public institutions. On the individual level, it means discipline, responsibility, patriotism, and obedience to the laws of Ghana. This effect must be allowed to fester a little longer in Ghana. The “Dampare effect” without any doubt is one of the few good things to have happened to the country in the year 2021. It must not only be allowed to progress but must be supported, encouraged, and replicated by the men and women that lead our public institutions.

Maintaining and supporting the ‘Dampare effect’

It is refreshing and admirable that unlike many other issues of national interest, both opposition and government seem to have concurred on the need for the ‘Dampare effect’. This will however be short-lived if we do not as individuals make personal commitments to support the IGP and his team to do what is good and right. It is early days yet, and it is when the arrest of political foot soldiers who are guilty of one offence or the other starts that the true test of the ‘Dampare effect” will be shown to all. As it is often said, crime is crime and crime has no colour. It is thus important for the political parties most especially to support the ‘Dampare effect’ without political lenses in a bid to make it fester and replicate. As individuals, we must assist and promote the ‘Dampare effect’ by reporting criminal elements to the police and assisting the police in our investigation to promote safety and harmony in our communities.

Replicating the ‘Dampare effect’

Dr. Akufo Dampare has shown that state institutions can perform better if the men and women that lead the institutions are committed to doing what is good and right. It does not take long for good men and women to change society. Dr. Dampare learns credence to this fact. For this reason, we must not only support the ‘Dampare effect’ but promote it and encourage the same to be replicated in all our public institutions across the country. Imagine having a ‘Dampare” in every state institution in Ghana. Won’t Ghana be a better place to be? That is why it is important we encourage leaders of public institutions to adopt the approach of the likes of Dr. Dampare and honourable Henry Quartey, the Greater Accra regional minister to help make Ghana a better place to be and the talk of the world.

Responsible Citizenship

The development of our dear nation Ghana starts and ends with responsible citizens. Responsible citizenship begins with obedience to the laws that govern our country. The laws of our country can only be enforced by responsible leaders and citizens. The ‘Dampare effect’ is central to ensuring responsible citizenship. This is why it is important to maintain and sustain the ‘Dampare effect”. The ‘Dampare effect’ will promote responsible citizenship and responsible citizens will help develop Ghana.


Amankwa Benjamin Kwame

Editor-in-chief- BAKNewsChannel


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  1. Very, very inspirational and thought-provoking. But, the question is:
    Will the ‘Dampare effect’ be allowed to heal the wounds inflicted on innocent citizens in the name of protecting state security? Or compensate for the loss of lives over the period of his absence? Or be allowed to outlive the test of time?
    Your guess is just as good as mine!!!

    Thanks for the insight!

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