Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of President Vladimir Putin’s most aggressive moves yet to redraw the boundaries of the former Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War more than 30 years ago. His latest escalation was to order his country’s nuclear deterrent to be placed on alert, a jarring signal of how relations with the West are quickly worsening.Continue Reading

Ukraine has introduced a temporary visa-free policy for foreigners wishing to join their forces fighting Russian military intervention. The policy, made official today, doesn’t apply to Russian nationals, who are referred to as “citizens of the aggressor state”Continue Reading


If there are any lingering doubts over exactly who holds the upper hand in the United States jobs market these days, Tuesday’s latest figures from the Department of Labor should put them to rest – because workers haven’t had this much power to call the shots in decades. The latestContinue Reading

Australia’s former parliament building in the capital Canberra was briefly set alight on Thursday by protesters during a demonstration for Aboriginal sovereignty, police said. No-one was injured in the fire, which engulfed the Old Parliament House’s front doors before it was put out. It follows a fortnight of protest activityContinue Reading

Chilean presidential candidate Gabriel Boric, of the political alliance “Apruebo Dignidad,” or I Approve of Dignity, speaks to supporters during a closing campaign rally in Casablanca, Chile, on November 18. Leftist and former student leader Gabriel Boric, 35, will become Chile’s youngest President since its return to democracy in 1990,Continue Reading

Western powers have called on Russia to lower tensions with Ukraine, and backed Kyiv against any threats from Moscow. US President Joe Biden spoke with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the leaders of France, Germany and Italy, agreeing to use “all the tools at their disposal” to prevent aggression.Continue Reading


The Ukrainian naval patrol boat “Kremenchuk” churns out into the gun-grey waters of the Sea of Azov, one mounted machine gun pointing aft, another pointing fore into the drizzle. Commander Ivan Ovchar explains his ship’s mission: “To defend and maintain the sovereignty of Ukraine.” The threat, the officer and manyContinue Reading

Ex-prisoners in Melbourne have opened up about sex legality and otherwise in some of Victoria’s most notorious prisons. Victoria is the only Australian state or territory that allows for conjugal visits from partners, but most of the intimate relations going on in the prison system are not of the approvedContinue Reading

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls border easing ‘major milestone in our pathway back’ Australia will allow foreign visa holders to enter the country from the start of December, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday, as it takes further steps to restart international travel and support the economy. AustraliaContinue Reading

An investigation is underway after at least three people were shot in Manhattan Tuesday night. Police say the incident happened around 10:40 p.m. in Midtown. They say two people were shot on West 38th Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue and third person was shot on Madison Avenue andContinue Reading

A Senate committee in Brazil has voted to recommend that President Jair Bolsonaro face charges over his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Seven of the panel’s 11 members backed a report calling for nine charges to be filed against Mr Bolsonaro, including crimes against humanity. The committee chair, Senator OmarContinue Reading


Poland’s dispute with the European Union (EU) over the primacy of EU law is overshadowing a summit of the 27 member states getting under way in Brussels. The EU may impose sanctions on Poland over a ruling by its highest court that some parts of EU law are incompatible withContinue Reading

BBC reports have indicated that hairdressers in parts of the UK are reporting clients having new allergic reactions, like rashes. Additionally, reports are that burns to hair dye after contracting coronavirus is on the increase. At Imperial College London, scientists are researching how the disease could be reprogramming the immuneContinue Reading