How can a lady get a shy guy open up to her

Shy men are challenging for many women because they don’t make the first move. Shy women in particular are often mystified as to how to get a shy guy to open up. Well, it’s not that difficult. With a shy guy, you simply have to be more available, take the lead more often, and maybe even give him the first kiss.Continue Reading

Common mistakes women make on first dates

First dates are so important. First dates are the make-or-break point in most budding romantic relationships. You know what they say, you never get the chance to make a good first impression. From the first date, you get to decide if you want to see them a second time or even begin a relationship.Continue Reading

What hinders women from attaining professional excellence in society?

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof Nana Aba Appiah Amfo says many things encumber women from attaining professional excellence in society. In an interview with Mail and Guardian’s Halima Athumani the academician listed gender roles and societal expectations as some of the impediments. As a result of these impediments, she believes that females require more attention to overcome the barriers they face in their professional field.Continue Reading

As the world is resetting, with a focus on green energy, the shift from use of internal combustion engines (ICEs) to electric-powered transportation is also gaining momentum. The number of tech startups in electric mobility is on the rise in Africa, with their focus on two- and three-wheelers.Continue Reading

How to determine a weak man in a relationship

A truly weak man is someone that you carry through life. Rather than an equal relationship, you do all the dirty work while he’s just along for the ride. Though it may bring out your nurturing side, you’ll soon be tired of it and leave it for a responsible man.Continue Reading

After independence, there were series of coup d’états by various military personnel to ‘right’ the ‘wrong’ of governments in power. In the quest to ‘save’ Ghanaians from bad governance, similar to same mess made by the overthrown governments were made by people we would at that time refer to as strongmen. Men who understood or at least looked like people who cared about the engorging plights of Ghanaians.Continue Reading


The beginning of the establishment of any business entity often instigates in me great feelings, excitement and trepidation at the same time. While it heralds the prospect of growth and an important leap in a person or an entity’s entrepreneurial journey, I am also morbidly aware of the monumental challenges that naturally accompany the process of building an enduring business in our country.Continue Reading

While I agree with the old adage that ‘clothes do not make the man’, I proffer, psychologically speaking, that one’s clothing often permits us to peer inside the mind for a glimpse as to the man’s perceptions of himself, vis-a-vis the global context in which he lives, and his critical thinking regarding the resources at his disposal and how they may enhance his ability to alter his circumstance while simultaneously assisting others.Continue Reading

In light of a fresh wave of coups, DW’s Abu-Bakarr Jalloh writes that Africa needs to reexamine its relationship with democracy  and the West should reexamine its relationship with democratic-turned-autocratic leaders.Continue Reading

1. On 25th January, 2022, the NLC filed an Application at the High Court to enforce its earlier directive  to compel UTAG to call off its strike. 2. As part of this main suit, the NLC also filed a motion Ex parte for interlocutory injunction. Meaning they wanted the courtContinue Reading

If there was any doubt about this fact before, there can be none now, given recent developments concerning Ghana’s sovereign bonds and international investors’ assessment of the country’s creditworthiness.
Ghana’s sovereign bond prices have fallen sharply since the turn of the year, recording the worst performance among emerging market bonds.Continue Reading


Sharing negative feedback is a critical component of effective leadership but while the benefits of receiving constructive criticism are clear, it’s less obvious how giving such feedback impacts leaders. While some leaders enjoy giving negative feedback, one survey found that 44% of managers find it stressful or difficult.Continue Reading

Apart from serving as the country’s food basket, the newly created region is home to a plethora of scenic tourist attractions, ranging from landmarks, wildlife, hospitality to rich diverse culture.Continue Reading


While words may not be able to cause physical harm, they can damage the spirit and have long-lasting effects. In many cases, the cumulative effects of hurtful words can cause more harm than physical pain. My wife and I have had a fair number of arguments in the time we’ve been married. Sometimes, in our anger and frustration, we throw words at each other that we don’t really mean. And while we soon forget what we were arguing about, the feelings of pain and betrayal caused by the toxic phrases and words tend to stick with us much longer. Sometimes for years.Continue Reading

5 Questions to Help Leaders Achieve Growth Amid Uncertainty

Even as business picks up in many places, the “new normal” will be dogged by uncertainty. Leaders are torn between the urge to act and the need for prudence in the face of uncertainty. How can businesses overcome their understandable reticence and reorient themselves for the future? The question is particularly acute as the old, tried-and-tested management frameworks that served them well in a more predictable world — scale, division of labor, focusing on the best use of internal resources, and so on — are inherently unsuited for a world of unexpected twists and turns. At the end of the day, you can’t forecast the unforecastable. So how can companies grow amid such uncertainty? The author presents five questions to help business leaders identify what actions they need to take to prepare themselves for a return to growth.Continue Reading

The holidays are here again Characterised with family reunions and religious activities, often, children with language difficulties do not receive enough support for language learning. The impact of this is that, they often regress after making much progress with language skills before the break. As parents busy themselves with theContinue Reading

By Farmer Mensah   This last quarter of 2021 is showed itself as quite eventful in our country; not least because of the excitement created by the decisions discussions and determinations related to the Anti-LGBT Bill presently under Parliamentary processing. But there is also the COP26 and the honest perspectivesContinue Reading


By Laura M. Giurge  Vanessa Bohns Summary.    Whether it’s the weekend or an upcoming holiday break, a number of studies have shown that people who set personal goals to achieve during their time off — such as seeing friends, pursuing a hobby, or even organizing a closet — report beingContinue Reading

By Isaac Yeboah This is a short postscript to my earlier note on Ghana’s proposed e-Levy. In view of certain reactions to that piece, I felt that a quick span of the experiences of other countries that have gone this route, which I had suggested offhandedly in my note, would actually illuminateContinue Reading

Summary  Despite ample holiday-season appeals, many charities don’t get the donations they need. Most are underfunded, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. How can they increase donations? Research points to three strategies. First, give people a choice when they are allocating their cash; even an unrelated vote onContinue Reading

BY: Esi Arhin Does the marking of a birth milestone cause us to look back with remorse over years past or with each additional year in age, trigger a reinvention of sort? Perhaps with the passing of time, come new depths of revelation, insights, new values and a profound appreciationContinue Reading


The new Inspector General of Police, Dr. Akufo Damapare has no doubt brought a brighter light to the Ghana Police Service. Indeed, where competence exists, even the devil applauds. For the few months that he has assumed the role of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), we have seen drasticContinue Reading

BY: Kwesi Jonah The disagreement over the introduction of multiparty local governance still leaves open the question of specific modes of integration of Ghana’s traditional rulers into the local government system. Several options for integration have been proposed. The 1992 Constitution does not automatically reserve seats in local government forContinue Reading

The Monday edition of the Daily Graphic carried at page 7 an article by one Stephen Apedo with the caption “The Homosexual debate”. According to Mr Apedo, he gave a test to his students in Logic and Critical Thinking, a subject he apparently teaches. The test was: if a groupContinue Reading


Are coups re-emerging in Africa? In 2017, between 14th and 21st November, there was a successful coup in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean Coup d’état that toppled the government of former president Robert Mugabe. In the same year, between 27th and 28th December, there was a coup attempt at Equatorial Guinea. OnContinue Reading

Agoo!! Agoo!! Shhh!! Shhh!! What is this that I hear? What is this that I feel? I can sense excitement in the air. There is music and merry making They chatter away with joyous voices In my curiosity I drew near Behold, there stood the seat of knowledge Odomankoma’s ownContinue Reading

By Enimil Ashon All political parties in Ghana, even those without hope, dread the turbulence that precedes parliamentary and presidential primaries. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) turbulence is underway as presidential hopefuls begin to lace their boots. Three announcements, so far: John Mahama (last weekend in the Volta Region), KojoContinue Reading

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Two-year-old Cynthia strolled leisurely towards the bucket in the bathroom, carrying her little toy. She dropped the toy into the bucket, which was full of water and watched it sink to the bottom. Baby Cynthia got fascinated and decided to it again. Her mother was supposed to keep an eyeContinue Reading

Ga Central have been through triumphs and trials. The failed attempt to confirm our President’s nominee disturbed us last week. A few unpleasant words and alleged violent acts of some people overshadowed the peaceful acts of many. The behavior tarnished the shining values we stand for. This is not whoContinue Reading