Why Artificial Intelligence is the future?

Dr. Chris Kpodar, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Investments Ghana Limited, says artificial intelligence (AI) represents the future and that should be the direction Ghana should be going. It is the pathway to achieving increased efficiency, lower human error rates, and improved workflows among other high points.Continue Reading

black satellite tower under blue skies

In today’s world, the ability to connect with anyone, in any place, at any time is something that is often taken for granted. With the tap of a few buttons, we’re able to connect with family, friends and colleagues in a matter of seconds. Though these connections might seem quick and effortless, the science behind this technological feat has taken years of research and development from dedicated engineers.Continue Reading

Android has a lot of really cool gestures. We rounded up over 40 of them in this article and it’s paired with a video to show you most of them. Our hope was to have some cool gestures you might not know about. Hit the link and watch the videoContinue Reading


HP at CES 2022 announced a number of non-gaming PCs for work at home and at the office. Among the new PCs is a Chromebook made specifically for enterprise customers. There are other Windows-based laptops and desktops as part of HP’s new products. HP at CES 2022 announced a numberContinue Reading

US technology giant Apple has become the first company to hit a stock market valuation of $3tn (£2.2tn). The firm’s share price has risen by around 5,800% since co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007. However, its value slipped a little from that milestone,Continue Reading

Original article: November 23, 2021 (4 AM ET): OnePlus may have skipped the OnePlus 9T in 2021, but it certainly won’t skip its 2022 flagship series. Unless the company changes its formula, we fully expect these phones to land as the OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Pro sometime in the first orContinue Reading


The motorcycle industry is the single largest employer in Kenya, estimated to provide jobs for over 1.2 million youth. However, all 1.6 million motorcycles registered in the country still operate on gasoline, causing massive emissions and noise pollution. A Swedish-Kenyan tech company Opibus changes this by creating its electric motorcycleContinue Reading

Welcome to the 411th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the headlines from the last week: Pixel owners had a fun surprise this last week after their phones told them about a storm in the Philippines. It’s funny because most people who received the alert don’t live anywhere closeContinue Reading

HONOR will not be limited to the HONOR 60 and HONOR 60 Pro. The line will include an inexpensive model. In China it is called HONOR 60 SE, and we will sell it under the name HONOR 60 Lite. What will a smartphone be like? Case makers have already publishedContinue Reading

Most people use WhatsApp daily but do not know all the features of the application. Apart from sending messages and receiving them, people do not know that there are interesting features about the application that makes it’s usage more interesting. Today, BAKNewsChannel provides you with some interesting features and tricksContinue Reading

The internet has come to stay. Daily, we use the internet for business, entertainment and work. The internet can however also be dangerous if you do not the red flags. In guide, BAKNewsChannel provides with a some red flags that should help make your presence on the internet safe. HereContinue Reading


Want to hide your iPhone texts? It’s very easy – and you don’t need any special apps to do it. It’s possible directly though Apple’s own iMessage system in the Messages app. That’s the main chat app that comes pre-installed on all new iPhone models. The big advantage is thatContinue Reading

Thieves used a clever trick to disable Find My on a stolen iPhone. They faked Microsoft’s number A victim from Delhi said that after losing his iPhone 12, he remotely locked the device, putting the smartphone in Lost Mode, and contacted the police. In this state, the iPhone can onlyContinue Reading

How do I remove preinstalled applications? By default, Windows has “mega-utility” programs installed that you obviously never use: People, Xbox, Maps, nobody needs Mail, and everyone’s favorite (no) Tip. Not only do all these programs use RAM, but they also create confusion when working with new applications because of them.Continue Reading

After a message is sent, we always wonder if it has been read. In social networks and messengers, we are used to the status of the message, but in e-mail there is no such functionality by default. There is an extension Unlimited Email Tracker, with the help of which youContinue Reading

In case you do not have an archiver, there is a special website, which will allow you to open the archive online. To use it, you need: Log in to Click on “Unzip files”. Select a file by clicking on the button of the same name. Click “Unpack archive”.Continue Reading

Unusual iPhone 14 concept – slider with A16 Bionic and over-the-air charging YouTuber from the popular ConceptsiPhone channel has published a video with a conceptual image of the iPhone 14. The device looks extremely unusual. First, the smartphone has a slider form factor. Secondly, the gadget charges over the airContinue Reading


IPhone 4 Prototype Revealed With Reference To iPhone 13 – Called The Death Star A long time ago, even before the release of the fourth iPhone, a photo of a prototype was discovered on the network. The device received the nickname Death Star (Star Wars Death Star) because of theContinue Reading

One of the most popular types of images on the Internet is GIF. The peculiarity of these images is that you can make an animation from a number of photos. We call these animations “gifs”. There are various programs for creating GIFs. But today I will tell you how toContinue Reading

Yesterday Apple published a press release in which it announced that it will sue the NSO Group sponsored by the secret services. The report also says how the company will notify users who are “targeted by a spy attack.” Users whose devices were likely to be infected with spyware willContinue Reading

One of the main features of the expected iPhone  known is its powerful 5G modem Qualcomm services will be abandoned. Modern iPhones are equipped with 5G modems from Qualcomm. This applies to both the iPhone 12 series devices and the iPhone 13 generation. Analysts expect the same from the iPhoneContinue Reading


Swedish freight technology company Einride has launched its operations in the United States. Einride provides transport solutions like autonomous “pods,” electric trucks, and the “Saga” operating system. The fully electric autonomous pods do not have a front cab, and thus, a human safety operator. The tech combines autonomous with remoteContinue Reading

Samsung is set to release  Galaxy A13 which promises to be a ground breaking smartphone. Read the full details below; Another upcoming Samsung. High-quality renders of the future budget super hit, which will definitely be the Samsung Galaxy A13, have appeared on the network. The gadget will go on saleContinue Reading

    A SpaceX rocket was set to blast off from California late Tuesday as NASA seeks to demonstrate a first-of-its-kind planetary defense system, designed to deflect an asteroid from a potential doomsday collision with Earth. The DART mission will test NASA’s ability to alter an asteroid’s trajectory with kineticContinue Reading

From personal computers through commercial space exploration and now auto-translator earbuds, Emmanuel Samani has been speaking with British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, Danny Manu on his latest invention. Danny Manu’s innovative “CLIK” products are Bluetooth earbuds which automatically detect a language being spoken and readily provides a translation within a few seconds, whichContinue Reading

Facebook said Tuesday it plans to stop using facial-recognition software that could automatically recognize people in photos and videos posted on the social network, marking a massive shift both for the tech industry and for a company known for collecting vast amounts of data about its billions of users. Facebook,Continue Reading


A collection of 151 scam apps have been discovered and removed from the Google Play Store, but Android users need to check they don’t have any of them installed (or did in the past). As BGR reports, the cybersecurity software company Avast recently discovered a widespread premium SMS scam operating on the official Play Store.Continue Reading

Facebook will rebrand itself with a new name next week in a bid to distance itself from series of embarrassing scandals. The firm’s original social media site – Facebook – will likely keep its moniker, but Facebook Inc., the parent company which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, will rebrand. ChiefContinue Reading

Nearly 2,000 homes were left without any phone or internet connection after rats reportedly chewed through the network cables over the weekend. The blackout hit residents in the Torridge area of Devon with engineers for Openreach – a provider for BT, Vodafone, Plusnet and Sky – working to resolve theContinue Reading

Facebook (FB.O) on Monday said it will hire 10,000 people in Europe to help  build a “metaverse”. The concept of the metaverse has become a buzzword in technology and business. But what does it mean? Metaverse is a broad term. It generally refers to shared virtual world environments which peopleContinue Reading


20-Yr-Old SS3 Student Builds Drone from Local materials, people gather around to watch him. A 20-year-old man, Rejoice Oghenero, has shown off the drone he built in the presence of people in his community. The SS3 student said that he tried so many times before he could build an unmannedContinue Reading


The ’20s Roar Technology has become the primary force of disruption across all sectors, and it’s going to unleash unprecedented innovation and growth in the decade ahead. Bain’s annual Technology Report examines how companies in every industry can move confidently into the future. source: Reading