"If you can’t help anyone with your power don’t hurt them" – Ibrahim Adam

Former Minister of Agriculture in the Rawlings’ regime, Alhaji Ibrahim Adam has admonished politicians not to use their power to hurt people if they cannot help them. He is of the view that life is cyclical and that the coin may turn someday for which reason human beings must treat each other with utmost respect and dignity.

The former lawmaker for Choggo/Tishigu constituency in the Northern Region disclosed that he has survived various unfortunate incidents and is not an extrovert.

“I am not an extrovert. I believe in this policy of living and letting others live. I use to tell my children that look, whoever becomes an important personality especially in politics or in business if you cannot help anyone with your power don’t hurt them”, he said

On how he has lived his life he responded “I was raised to mind my own business and I think I stuck to that to a large extent. Of course, the rules and regulations and the norms of the various appointments I took have caused some variations in my adherence to this principle”

Alhaji Adam who is an animal scientist was elected to represent the Choggo/Tishigu constituency in the 2nd parliament of the 4th republic of Ghana in the 1996 Ghanaian general election.

He was elected on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)and took over from Ahaji Mohammed Haroon also of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who represented the constituency in the first parliament of the 4th republic of Ghana. Alhaji Ibrahim lost his seat to Alhaji Abubakari Sumani in the subsequent elections of 2000.

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