As the world is resetting, with a focus on green energy, the shift from use of internal combustion engines (ICEs) to electric-powered transportation is also gaining momentum. The number of tech startups in electric mobility is on the rise in Africa, with their focus on two- and three-wheelers.Continue Reading

One in five adults and one in 10 children and teenagers are projected to be obese by December 2023 in 10 high-burden African countries if no robust measures are taken to reverse the trends, a new World Health Organization (WHO) analysis shows.Continue Reading

In light of a fresh wave of coups, DW’s Abu-Bakarr Jalloh writes that Africa needs to reexamine its relationship with democracy  and the West should reexamine its relationship with democratic-turned-autocratic leaders.Continue Reading

The motorcycle industry is the single largest employer in Kenya, estimated to provide jobs for over 1.2 million youth. However, all 1.6 million motorcycles registered in the country still operate on gasoline, causing massive emissions and noise pollution. A Swedish-Kenyan tech company Opibus changes this by creating its electric motorcycleContinue Reading