The unusual love story between a 25-year-old guy and an 85-year-old woman

After openly expressing his undying love for an 85-year-old woman with grandkids, a 25-year-old man has sent tongues wagging on the internet. According to accounts, the two lovebirds met while the man identified as Muima was looking for a place to rent while pursuing his studies.

Despite the fact that Theresa, an 85-year-old woman, has been severely chastised by her children and grandchildren, she is still determined to marry young Muima. It has also been revealed that Muima has agreed to provide the 20 cows requested by Theresa’s children in order to formalize their relationship.

Theresa is claimed to have said in an interview with Aframax about their strange love affair:

“I am the mother of eight children and the grandmother of twenty grandchildren.” My guy may be my sixth grandchild, based on his age. I adore him, and he adores me. I’m all set to put on my wedding gown and ring.”

Mumia, on the other side, expressed herself as follows:

“This is my decision.” This is my delight, just as everyone else’s is. Before pleasing others, please yourself and make decisions based on your own preferences, not on the judgments of others.”

Muima and Theresa’s love story is unusual in the community, thus it’s somewhat upsetting.

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